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What are binary options?

Binary Options are available to everyone from people just dipping their toes in trading to experienced forex traders. Binary options, also known as Digital Options are simple to work with which means there isnít a long learning curve and you could be making a profit in no time.

Unlike traditional options, you simply bet where the price of your selected asset will finish. Your assets can server as a pair, and the share of a company or product. In this instance, the trader (you) specifies a time interval after which the transaction closes.

There can only be two outcomes with binary options and both are known in advance which helps you identify the risk. If the trader (you) predicts the right price movement, you will not only get back your bet value, but also a fixed percentage of the profits. Depending on the broker, it could be as much as 71 to 95%

If you (the trader) chose the wrong direction, you will lose all your bet but will receive a payment from the broker from anything from 5 to 15%

The main attraction of binary options is the ability to make a high profit in a short time span. The ì60 secondsî gives you the opportunity to trade in short bursts of time. The higher the rate, the higher the potential profit.

With binary options, thereís not need to buy currencies, stocks or commodities. You simply bet on price movement of the asset. Digital options cannot be sold on and they will remain the traders (yours) until the action is complete.

The advantages of binary options is that all risks are fully predictable before parting with any money. You see how much you could potentially win if you guess right.

Here at BinaryOptionsX we make it easy to choose the right binary options broker without comprehensive reviews. We will also be offering binary options strategies to help you gain that edge.